Ashley Lobo has been a multi-media reporter, producer, editor, entertainment and lifestyles host for over a decade. She is capable of hula hooping 10 hoops at once, which helped her land her first commercial at age 7. The rest is history, as she’s succeeded as a SAG-AFTRA actress and model for national print ads ever since childhood. She has a vivacious and fun personality, yet she is one tough Polish cookie. Ashley was the “Fiesta Bowl Queen” and spokesperson for over 50 events and television interviews. Her love of game day festivities led her to the Chicago Blackhawks. Ashley hosted Blackhawks TV and was an ambassador throughout 2 seasons as an Ice Crew member. Some of her career highlights include Station Host for NBC 5 (Chicago), Celebrity Reporter for the USA Network (NYC), Host of Nude Hippo on NBC 5.2 (Chicago) and intern at Entertainment Tonight (Los Angeles.)

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